Mobile Technology and Oral Surgery
By Karen Trowbridge, Marketing Coordinator
June 15, 2016
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Why Mobile Technology is essential for Oral Surgery Patients

This month we launch a new mobile phone app, and we are so excited about the ways this new technology will make important information more accessible to our patients.

  • More than 25% of searches to medical websites are on mobile devices, and that number is continuing to increase. While most websites can be viewed on any device, a mobile app adjusts for the small size of the screen, and also takes advantage of the touch screen technology on phones that allows patients to call, email or map directions quickly and easily, even when they’re on the go.
  • A mobile app means pre-operative and post-operative instructions and surgical dietary guidelines are right at a patient’s fingertips, which is very important for patients in the days before and after surgery. Papers can get lost, and computers aren’t always accessible, but a phone is always on hand when you need to access timely information.
  • The app can be shared with the push of a button, so patients can easily get instructions, directions or contact information to their caretaker, who is responsible for their transportation and care after surgery.
  • The app can be translated into up to 10 languages, meaning patients can learn about the practice, and access vital instructions, in the language they feel most comfortable reading.
  • The app makes it easy to leave a review, or any feedback, by providing links to both review sites and to contact a manager at the practice. This feedback is essential for any medical or dental practice trying to ensure patients feel good about the care they received, and provides an easy way to communicate any issues or concerns.

We developed our mobile app to create greater accessibility for our patients and referring doctors, and ensure our practice is keeping up with the ways our patients prefer to communicate. We hope everyone finds it helpful!

We welcome your feedback - and remember- it’s only a click away.