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By contactus@lowelloralsurgery.com
November 05, 2019
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As many know, Dr. Charles E. McGowan passed away this past Sunday, October 27, 2019.  Dr. McGowan was a co-founder of our practice.  He started Lowell Oral Surgery Associates with Dr. Moynihan in September of 1961.  As well as an excellent surgeon, those who worked with him describe him as the kindness person they had ever met.  He retired from the practice in July of 1992.  Dr. McGowan built a successful practice he left in the good hands of Dr. Jeffrey Stone. 

As we pay tribute to the man and doctor who started our practice, I was thinking "he is the reason why we are all here working at the practice".  As a practice administrator, I wonder how many of us think about the history of our practice.   Who was the first doctor to start the practice, and are they proud of the practice they started?