Facial Trauma

Trauma to the face and oral cavity can have a lasting impact if not treated properly.  Traumatic injuries can be the result of a sports related injury, a motor vehicle collision, or even something as simple as a trip or fall.  Our doctors specialize in treating all types of facial trauma. We work with our patients to create the best possible treatment plan.

Here are some common injuries involving the facial structures:

  • Soft tissue injuries - These kinds of injuries include both simple and complex lacerations of the facial area.  They are typically repaired using a layered cosmetic closure with sutures.  Soft tissue injuries should be taken seriously, because if deep enough, can also affect the nerves of the face and salivary glands.
  • Bone injuries - These injuries effect the bones in the maxillofacial region, including the jaw, cheek, and the delicate bones around the eyes and nose.  Our surgeons have the experience and knowledge to repair bone fractures and keep the bone stable while it heals in order to maintain your facial appearance. 
  • Tooth and mouth injuries - Trauma to the teeth and gums often requires a multi-step treatment plan. If root canal therapy is needed, an endodontist may be involved, while fractured teeth may need to be treated by a restorative dentist. An oral surgeon would be needed to re-plant displaced teeth or repair bone fractures.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specially trained in the diagnoses and treatment of facial injuries. Our training starts with dentistry, and then goes far beyond that, to cover injuries and trauma of the face, mouth and jaw.